BitcoinETI is Europe's first bitcoin-backed Exchange Traded Instrument that offers a safe and easy way to invest in bitcoin.

You can invest in bitcoin through your broker or IFA, just like you would invest in stocks, bonds and other securities.

The Underlying asset, bitcoin, is held in a secured offline vault that meets industries highest safety standards.

Key Information

Name: BitcoinETI

Type: Asset-backed, Exchange Traded Instrument

Underlying asset: Bitcoin

Listing: Gibraltar Stock Exchange

Trading: Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Description: UCITS eligible, Asset-backed security whose value and the related performance is linked to the underlying Asset (Bitcoin) collateralised in a segregated cell

ISIN number: MT0001151225

Currency: Euro

Management fee: 1.75%

Minimum order size: 1,000€ (one unit)

Sponsor: Revoltura Ltd.

Arranger: Argentarius ETI Management Ltd.

Bitcoin custodian: [Coinbase]

Auditor: PwC

Settlement: T+2 Clearstream/Euroclear


Secure: Bitcoins are held in secured offline vaults in multiple locations

Easy to buy: ETI units can be bought just like stock and bonds via any regulated brokerage firm or Independent Financial Advisor

Liquid: ETI units can be redeemed or traded in the secondary market

European-wide: EU passport through listing at the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, enables sales in all 31 EEA countries as well as in Switzerland



Final Terms

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